MILAN, Jun 19, 2010 / — Anna Dello Russo, Internet-icon, Fashion Director at Large and Creative Consultant of Vogue Japan, celebrates ten years of with a special gift: a kit of 10 T-shirts – one for each year that the virtual boutique has been open.

These items will include the top ten outfits she has worn to fashion shows, parties and social events throughout her career; which have all become legendary amongst fashion aficionados around the globe.

Available starting June 17th on, J’ADR X 10 will comprise of 10 t-shirts in two colors, black and white, and will be made by popular brand Fruit of the Loom – a company that became the symbol of t-shirts in the 70s.

A POP item “or popular”, just like Anna Dello Russo likes to define herself, created for all; and perfect for fans who have always loved her style. The idea, in fact, came from one of her fans, Lorenzo Oddo, who designed and wore the t-shirts dedicated to her.

“Why me?” asked Anna surprised “and he answered by saying that the internet celebrates free fashion, spontaneous individuals; it’s a place where you can choose and do it alone. I found it brilliant!”

Anna has a passion for the web that takes shape in her blog,, where she regularly narrates her experiences in the fashion world. A place where, thanks to her presence on the social networking site Twitter, her fans can follow and communicate with her on a day to day basis.

An interview with Anna can be found on The New Yooxer,’s interactive multimedia webzine:

And the full line of Tshirts can be found on