SYDNEY, Aug 18, 2010 / — Kirin and ksubi today announce the return of KIRIN BIG IN JAPAN. Following the success of the inaugural 2009 event, the iconic Japanese beer and the notorious Australian fashion label will join forces once again to inject a cultural pulse into the flat-lining scene.

A term coined during the 1960s, “Big in Japan” was originally a phrase applied to rock bands that failed to sell many records in the US and UK during the 1960’s and 70’s, despite the fact that they were “Big In Japan”.

In today’s culture, the term has turned iconic and “Big in Japan” is now a statement applied to brands, musicians, artists and films whose success is difficult to measure while they are teetering on the verge of international recognition.

The “Big In Japan” cultural exchange programme was custom built by the ksubi collective for iconic Japanese beer brand, Kirin.

This ksubi curated digital and experiential based series will showcase Japanese and Australian creative talents on the verge of success. It is a snapshot of the incredible culture thriving and consistently evolving between the two countries.

The Kirin Big in Japan programme will hit the road this year, touring a new guard of Japanese talent in
both Sydney and, for the first time, Melbourne.

– Sydney – 16th November 2010 at The Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park
– Melbourne – 19th November 2010 at Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne

The first Kirin Big In Japan event saw face-hackers, controversial doves and masked Harajuku girls.
If you missed the event, the video is embedded below:

KSUBI + KIRIN = Big In Japan