Capri - Abito di alta Moda.1 dello stilista Michele Miglionico.1

MILAN, Sep 6, 2010 / — A modern day Capri, a summer trip to the famed island also became a fashion event. Designer Michele Miglionico wanted to honor his friend, Gennaro Famiglietti, the Bulgarian Consul for his 50th birthday.

An intimate group of the art, fashion and politic elite gathered in Capri, at the famed “Villa L’Eremo” once the home of the great film producer Dino De Laurentis and his wife, the actress Silvana Mangano and now the home of the Bulgarian Consul.

It was the perfect setting for a trip down memory lane to the Capri of the 1950s and the 1960s, the perfect backdrop for an art exhibit and a fashion show. Thanks to their beautiful and elegant hostess, Rosy Mauriello who chose to take a step back and give the artist and fashion designer Michele Miglionico and Paola Crema honor (and burden) to participate and celebrate one of the most exclusive nights in Capri this summer.

Italian fashion designer Michele Miglionico with the help of art director Fabio Lautieri, wanted to revive the glories of worldly Capri 50-60 years ago when being celebrated in Rome “La Dolce Vita”, creating a large installation of evening dresses haute couture red georgette pleated bodices flat and small pleated ruffles, hats with ostrich feathers and red petit balloon dress in red silk organza, embroidered, lined with lace, richly finished in point d’esprit and pleated tulle underskirt.

Clothing approached the large balloon to make them light and floating, dominate the gloom, a state of drowsiness that clouds the eye and leads the viewer on a fascinating dream.

Capri - Lo stilista Michele Miglionico e l'ambasciatrice di Bulgaria Roxana Mladenov

He wanders in the space between liquefied transparent curtains that progressively thinner every vision. Moreover, in the beautiful garden of flowers and surrounded by the spectacular terrace overlooking the Faraglioni meet the sculptures in silver and jewel-precious materials (coral, rock crystal, pearls, semi precious stones) multifaceted artist Paola Crema and projected images hanging in ‘ air and noise muffled, almost subliminal level, tend to overlap.

Faraglioni illuminated in red color preferred by the fashion designer Michele Miglionico and theme of his speach, gave birth to a spectacular landscape and scenic effect.

Michele Miglionico, accompanied the party from the Swedish top model and actress Camilla Sjoberg chiffon short dress with multicolor signature of the designer, with his clothes recreated the beautiful glamour of 50-60 years when he became the island of Capri sophistication and elegance International.

Carefully selected guests, a choice very gratin, something hard in crazy summer party. Many of the invited personalities from politics and institutions: equal opportunities minister Mara Carfagna, President of the Campania Region Caldoro Stefano and his wife Anna Maria Colao, Senator Sergio Cola, Senator Diana De Feo, Mr Antonio Martusciello, MEP Erminia Mazzoni Councillor for Culture of Campania Region Prof. Katy Miraglia, President of the Naples CCIIA Maurizio Maddaloni and wife Ada Puca, from world diplomat: Ambassador of Bulgaria Atanas Mladenov and his wife Roxana, Honorary Consul of Japan Alberto Carotenuto, Secretary of the Consulate Genarale Michele Di Gianni in Malta, from the professional world: plastic surgeon Saverio Cangella, lawyers Dominico Ciruzzi, Geppi Cipriani and Antonio Squillace, from the business world: Manager Norberto Salza, Dr. Flavia Fumo, President Federterme – Federturismo Italy Costanzo Jannotti Pecci; reporters, Director of TG3 RAI Campania Massimo Milone, director of every day for “Il Denaro” Alfonso Ruffo from the world of nobility: Marchesa Maria Pia De Magistris, the queen of the salons Capri Marchesa Anna Lisa De Paola, and from the entertainment world: actress Eva Grimaldi, Barbara Guerra, Antonella Stefanucci, venezuelan Franklin Santana and actor-model.

The evening began with cocktails at 7:30 pm with a background of jazz music performed by arpa-long Federica Dioni, an accomplice in Technicolor sunset in one of the most beautiful, perhaps, unexpected and misunderstood of Capri and followed by a candlelight dinner party for 300 guests, cheered by the music of maestro Guido Lembo, chansonier of Capri’s most famous local “Anema e Core”, performing Neapolitan songs from the refined atmosphere that recalled the glorious years 50-60, continued late into the night accompanied with dance floor by DJ Gianluca Catuogno.