PARIS, Feb 3, 2011 /FW/ — The pioneer of the art du voyage and the leader in chic travel guides, Louis Vuitton, has just broken new digital ground with the launch of its iPhone app, Amble. As one of the first luxury brands to embrace the digital era back in 1997 with the launch of their website, and then one of the first to stream live videos of their fashion shows, Vuitton has now launched itself into the app world.

Amble is an app that will emotionalize the digital travel diary, meant to design the memory of travel. Far more than a stylish showcase, Amble draws on Louis Vuitton’s established expertise to offer an array of features designed not merely to facilitate travel, but to transform it into an enriching personal experience. Amble is an invitation to explore the world at a leisurely pace, making serendipitous discoveries, and then to record them on your iPhone in photo, video, audio or note format. Users can then share their discoveries with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or even send them to Louis Vuitton, where they could end up published on

This app will allow you to capture the restaurant where you just enjoyed a meal, or the store where you saw the perfect gift for your special someone, or the gallery that held the inspiration you’ve been searching for- all at the snap of a finger. From there, you can create your own itineraries that will help the memories of travel last beyond the paper trail.

Not only does Amble allow you to record your favorite finds, but it also gives you access to the treasure trove of information found in the Louis Vuitton city guides. The GPS feature included in the app will allow you to find places near your location and also help you navigate to somewhere you might want to go. Plus, if you’re totally lost on where to go, celebrity friends of Louis Vuitton have provided Amble with their hot spots to the world’s biggest cities.

This new app from Louis Vuitton is all about enhancing the experience of fellow travelers and creating a global community of elegant Amblers.