Ms. Angsanas’ Parisian pedigree revealed itself this season at Lincoln Center.
For those who are unaware. Before arriving in New York to take it by storm Ms. Angsana resided on the famous Rue Cambon in Paris.
Her atelier; directly across the street from the legendary house of Chanel. This is when we at FASHIONWINDOWS first took notice. She achieved the remarkable this season. A collection very much at home in tawny environs of Manhattan and even more suited for 
for the women of the 16th arrondissement.
Ms. Angsana has wrapped autumn in chinchilla, black silk jersey, cashmere and wool. Embellished with crystals highlighted by the most beautiful royal blue. Even though fashion shows generally no longer end the show with a wedding gown, Farah ended her show with a truly amazing white silk, crystal encrusted gown with feather and organza ruffles complimented by a silver fox stole….. It brought the house down.
Brava darling!

Errol Murray