LONDON, Feb 25, 2011 / — London hat maker and wig designer Charlie Le Mindu shocked and delighted audiences again this season with another outrageous presentation on February 20, 2011 during London Fashion Week featuring models wearing sky-high headpieces and super-long nails with custom Minx nail fashion.

Top U.K. nail stylist Marian Newman collaborated with the brand’s stylist, Anna Trevelyan, about ten days prior to the show.

“Anna had a good idea already of what she wanted,” commented Marian. “She envisioned very long but flat nails in matte nude, but with a glossy blood red star to complement the detail on some of the buttons in the collection. She also wanted red tips on the nails.”

Marian remembered she had once been given Arabella Fantasy Forms, a long, flat form used to create extreme nail art, and secured the product from the distributor.

Next, Marian sketched some designs for the nails to send to Anna and Charlie, and they selected two of the sketches as their favorites. Marian emailed the two sketches to Minx, asking if they could brew templates in 5 cm lengths, and the answer was yes!

“In no time at all, I received an email back from Minx with style variations, and I selected the one I thought would be best.”

Two days later, Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin arrived in London for fashion week and personally delivered the custom Minx, along with a few alternatives, to Marian.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly the Minxes made this happen,” said Marian. “And, when I took the templates directly to Anna and Charlie, they LOVED them. Job done!” In fact, Anna loved the Minx so much that she asked Marian to apply the Minx star pattern on her nails for the show.

The day before the show, Marian and her team of Adam Slee, Samantha Reybould and Lauren Reybould applied the Minx templates to the forms, and at the show it was a simple matter to adhere the forms to the models’ nails.

“The collection was very beautiful and the nails played a strong part,” said Marian. “The ‘story’ of the show was somewhat controversial as it involved a lot of blood, which demonstrated how violence can so easily destroy beauty,” she explains, “ and at the end the girls dipped their hands in ‘blood’ so it dripped off the ends of the nails as a finale!”

Photos by Marian Newman