MILAN, Feb. 25, 2011/FW/—  Rebecchi must know that I love sequins, because he started his collection with lots and lots of them.  Beautiful, bronze, sparkly sequins.  But that wasn’t the only thing about this collection that had our heart going a little faster.  It was the color that stole the scene- shades of red, coppery pink, rust, and teal, alternating with touches of gold for a taste of the 70s.

Plus, the silhouettes were effortlessly chic and easy-to-wear.  Bell-bottom pants with perfectly proportioned jackets, pleated and cropped trousers in luxe silk, and layered cozy knits.  Girly touches of spotted pony-skin in loafers and bags popped against a black oversized coat, or nude and lime green socks.

The designer played on the contrasts between light and heavy, shiny and opaque, feminine and masculine.  Versatility is the added value for each item in the wardrobe; the same piece may be worn as a dress, coat, cardigan, or layered.  The solutions are stylish, refined, and discrete- elegance devised for everyday chic.

photos by Lindsay McCallum