PARIS, Mar 9, 2011/ — With the works of French artist Arman as a starting point and inspiration source, Turkish designer Arzu Kaprol deconstructed and reconstructed familiar silhouettes to create something new yet recognizable.

In her interpretation of the future by deconstructing the past, Arzu Kaprol highlighted the shoulder like armour, silver brocade plastron enhanced with jet-black crystals; the past is being reinvented around a futuristic shape in this Fall-Winter 2011-2012 collection. Leather invents a new materiality and replicates through a subtle sequence of black depths.

Flowing, it plays silk textures, with outlines and ramifications. Laser cut, it composes the concentric figures of an architectonic silhouette. With smocks and grooves it gets enlightened with Lurex reflections to outline the silhouette. Pleated, it highlights a neck. With surface spikes, it goes 3D and shows even more confidence.

Mixed with mohair, chiffon and python, leather turns into a real chameleon: breaking new ground, it surprises when combined with tulle and crepe and designs new superposing. It stretches out on the bust like a new kind of fabric.

Ebony-black buttons draw the shoulder line or reveal the spine. Onyx patches, as ancient traces, highlighted with metal pipes pile up around the arms as a modern armour. They echo the past with refinement and elegance and reinvent the present perfect.

Paris PrĂȘt-a-porter Fall 2011

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