PARIS, Mar 30, 2011/ FW/ — At Baselworld, currently being held at Basel, Switzerland, Jacob and Co. announced this week that the new face of their advertising global campaign is internationally renowned actress and model, Milla Jovovich.

This announcement unveiled during a jam-packed cocktail reception when Ms. Jovovich made a grand, red carpet entrance in Hall 3.0, side by side with Jacob Arabo. The paparazzi lined up for up to one hour expecting Jovovich to make her appearance.

The event took place inside the Jacob & Co. booth and all around the front hallway. The area was elegantly decorated with illuminated tall tables, a Dom Perignon champagne bar and live statuesque models.

The theme was the representation of Jacob & Co. global philosophy of multiple time zones, each of the models was esthetically indicative of cities or ethnicities including: Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Dubai and New York.

Celebrated DJ Kay Rush was the MC and host of the cocktail, greeting the crowd in 5 different languages and introducing Milla Jovovich to the guests.

Jovovich was gracious and embraced the crowd with a warm and friendly speech which explained her commitment to the brand, embracing the upcoming campaign.

Jacob Arabo greeted press, clients and industry friends as he hosted Jovovich. “This evening is an important milestone for Jacob & Co.” stated Arabo,

“We have been looking for the right personality and beauty that represents what I call; ‘The Jacob Girl’, she is a sophisticated world traveler, self accomplished and exudes an assertive feminine personality, lastly, she is absolutely gorgeous!”