Question: G-Star is fascinated by your authenticity – the fact that beneath the Hollywood glamour and gloss there is a tough, real person with a tough, real upbringing. You embody their values as an authentic denim brand that makes real work-wear and has, by a twist of fate, become a glamorous fashion label. Do you relate to that?

Answer: Of course! I think that’s one of the things that I love about G-Star. I feel like a tough girl in a fancy frock sometimes, and I think G-Star is the same. I like the contradiction between glamour and durability. Sometimes people are shocked when they meet me because of this contradiction. I’ve often been told that what I say doesn’t match the way I look… and I think that’s a good thing! Surprise is exciting.

Q: G-Star asked you to be in the spring/summer 2011 campaign as you embody a RAW Elegance, a confidence that G-Star wants to promote in its advertising campaigns. How important was the idea of being a powerful woman to you in your decision to do the campaign?

A: Well I’m a woman and I like to be in control, especially creatively. I knew that working with G-Star would give me the opportunity to do this- although it has to be said that the campaign was a huge collaboration, which made the experience very fun. You can be in control but also be open to playing with everyone else’s ideas.

Q: What did the photographer (and director) Anton Corbijn tell you to think about when on the set finally shooting the campaign?

A: Anton allowed me to be myself which I think is the most important thing. I love music and dancing, and he really brought the fun, frivolous, free spirit out of me. It’s amazing to have a photographer who is also an astoundingly brilliant director as the two go hand in hand, especially if you want to get a lost of spontaneity and personality into a shoot.

Q: What was it like being a Bond Girl and what did you want to bring to your character that previous Bond Girls may not have had in the past?

A: I was just thrilled to get the job, I was walking around the set with stars in my eyes! I always loved the old Bond films from the ‘60s so I wanted to bring a bit of that English cheekiness into my characterization. Even my character’s name was cheeky: Strawberry Fields!