Barila Fall 2011

MONTREAL, SEPTEMBER 6th 2011- Today marks the start of the 21th edition of Montreal fashion week. Season after season, Jean-Francois Daviau aand Chantal Durivage, co-founder of Groupe Sensation Mode, succeed to showcase the most talented designers from Montreal. And this season makes no exception. Described as unconventional, unabashed and unparalled, this present edition puts extra emphasis on the fresh, new and cutting-edge talents.

For this 21th edition, Groupe Sensation Mode welcomes many new talents who, with their unconventional style approach, explore different fashion horizons. With labels like Martin Lim, Unttld or Travis Taddeo, just to name a few, we clearly understand that the Montreal fashion scene is above to change; these young forward-thinking designers clearly represent the future of Montreal fashion industry.

Unfortunately, this year, some great names are missing from this season schedule: Marie Saint Pierre, Dubuc and Nadya Toto are not officially presenting their collection with Groupe Sensation Mode.

May be we can see this as a good opportunity for young designers to shine and give their best. We can’t wait to see what they have to offer.

This 21th edition of Montreal Fashion Week is anticipated to be A breath of fresh air.


Photo credits by Allen McEarchen.

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