Mykita Mylon Nova Sunshine
Mykita Mylon Nova Sunshine

PARIS, Nov 24, 2011/ FW/ — MYLON, a newly coined word from MYKITA to define a new breed of sunglasses that offers unlimited design options, light weight and individual adaptability.

Being introduced for the first time on November 2011, the first MYKITA MYLON collection marks the foundation of a new product segment in the eyewear sector: luxury sports fashion. These are glasses that redefine the border between the worlds of fashion and sports.

The evolution of MYKITA MYLON began in the late 1990s when MYKITA developed the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process that enables the creation of three-dimensional objects as desired. Layer by layer a polyamide powder is turned via laser into objects that are fed in before hand in data form.

MYKITA named the new material MYLON and has since won recognition for the development process in the shape of the 2011 iF material award.

A futuristic look for a futuristic material – this credo was decisive for the form vocabulary of the MYLON collection. Polygonal lens forms, a sporty design and glasses as a protective element are the pivotal features of every MYKITA MYLON frame.

All MYLON models boast extreme stability, low weight and outstanding durability. The key is a polyamide-based material that can be individually adjusted to the wearer.

A tableau of colours ranging from Sunshine to Storm, Pitch, Peat and Cinnabar is available throughout the collection.

NOVA is the most striking model in the collection. The front shield and the top line, which hugs the head like a headband, are the defining features of this futuristic-looking specimen. The expansive glass front, offering protection from the wind and weather, is like a mix of vintage ski goggles and 3D-viewers for the cyberspace of the early 1990s.

ARDEN and ICCO stand for a form vocabulary that unifies avant garde with sports: modified aviator forms, with rounded-off side contours and a vertical or trapezoidal bridge providing contrast. A conspicuous feature here is how the front is extruded backwards and merges into the temples.
MYKITA’s patented spring-hinges are integrated as a trademark.

A square-shaped form combined with an uncompromising straight top line makes the CRISON sunglasses frame an ideal accessory for sports and leisure alike.

The MYKITA MYLON collection consists of seven styles and goes on sale in mid-November 2011 at all MYKITA shops as well as at selected retail stores and opticians.


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