NEW YORK, Feb 8, 2012 / — Have you ever wondered what happened to the aristocrats that are the favorite protagonists in historical romance novels? Well, they have survived the past 200 years and found themselves in the Hyden Yoo Fall 2012 vignettes.

As the designer said in his press notes, the collection drew inspiration from a classic tale of the unattainable woman and the man that pines for her, which interestingly enough sounds like something Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters will write about.

The men are sartorial and make intelligent choices in their lives which of course extends on their choice of clothes. From muted browns to grays in flannel wool, cotton tills and a hint of corduroy, the look is luxe without being overbearing. There is a quiet strength without a hint of arrogance.

For women, Hyden Yoo proposes classic silhouettes with interesting twists in construction. She is modern and not a wilting violet either. But she is not arrogant either and definitely a 21st century woman.


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