LONDON, May 31, 2012/ — With the Queen’s Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, all eyes are in London. And, it’s not just the eyes! There will be a lot of feet also. With all the parades and events being planned, expect a lot of walking to be done.

Speaking of walking, wearing the right pair of shoes takes precedence above all else if you expect to be on your feet the whole day. And though we all believe that we know our proper shoe size, it never hurts to discover your true shoe width fitting.

And, why is this important? Because our feet is as unique as we are. Add the fact that normally, one foot is bigger than the other one by at least half a size! Another thing to consider is that you might need wide fitting shoes. Once you know your true shoe size, it’s time to look at styles.

With Queen Elizabeth and the Union Jack currently being celebrated around the world, showing your patriotism is not a bad idea. The British might not be as enthusiastic as the Americans in wearing their patriotism up their sleeves, but this is the time to wave the Union Jack and don the red, white and blue.

It’s cool to be British and Britannia is alive and well!

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