LONDON, Jul 30, 2012/ — The preferred clothing of the urban youth, it is hard to imagine that the t-shirt was actually a U.S. military invention about 100 years ago. From being a part of the military uniform, the t-shirt has become a ubiquitous part of everyone’s wardrobe.

Used as a form of advertisement most times, the t-shirt is also a platform to make political statements, even religious ones. And speaking of religion, London-based Religion Clothing which was initially developed as a niche t-shirt range has become a full-pledged clothing line.

But, it has never forgotten its roots. Still adhering to its “no fear” policy of experimenting with design techniques, Religion Clothing offerings encourage individual styles be it from t-shirts to coats or trousers. No wonder fashionistas like Agyness Deyn and Paris Hilton are big fans.

And as a testament to Religion Clothing’s success, it established its first “standalone” store in East London’s Shoreditch and Brick Lane. It is also available in several indie stockists in the UK and in continental Europe.

But, most importantly, Religion Clothing is available online at Triple S Clothing Limited.

Photos courtesy of Religion Clothing

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