NEW YORK, Jul 2, 2012/ — Which year are we? 1893? 1965? Sometime in the future?

No, you did not walk into a sci-fi movie. It is actually the Y-3 communication campaign for Autumn / Winter 2012-13.

With the mantra, “The story is in the past,” Collier Schorr seemingly freezes time to lead us off into an unknown wilderness.

A structure of large wooden poles, assembled to represent the type of nomadic dwellings buried amongst forests, deserts, mountains, islands, and other lost landscapes, cuts through each image. Uprooted by Schorr’s photo-collages only to be reinserted into a series of Xeroxed replicas depicting some of those very environments.

The campaign film, ‘The Story is in the Past’ directed by Schorr, continues with this exploration of time and place. As the camera loops around a central makeshift structure, we become more and more immersed in the story unfolding.

What are you seeing? What are you hearing? A struggle, a dance, a longing for intimacy?

As time passes these images repeat, interrupted by fragments of what may or may not be real. Nothing is clear, the story is transmitted through the distortions, glitches, crackling and dust which punctuate the film.

Which year are we? One truth is that we are outside of time. We end where we begin, taking refuge in a moment where everything is present – a rotating eternity.

The result is an over-arching communication campaign that translates into still images and a short mood film, followed by an updated brand website design, all released globally July 2012.

Creative Direction: Lloyd & Co.
Collage / Photography / Video Direction: Collier Schorr
Producer: Lloyd & Co.
Styling: Jay Massacret
Hair Stylist: Holli Smith
Makeup: Benjamin Puckey
Models: Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Marilyn; Thomas Sottong, FM; Victor Nylander, Ford Europe


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