lulu guiness onlineNEW YORK, May 4, 2013/ — Sleek, chic and instantly recognizable, Lulu Guinness’s new look website is the latest in a series of moves to update a well established brand and ensure its firmly rooted in the present.

Forever striving to push boundaries, Lulu knows that in the tech-obsessed world we live in a strong online presence is vital to today’s savvy shoppers. Thus her new online shop is more than merely a shop. Rather it’s an interactive hub of creativity and cultural suggestion.

Customers gain an insight into Lulu’s inspirations with the ‘Lulu loves’ section detailing the designer’s pick of the best places to go and things to see when it comes to fashion, food or art.

Enhanced social media sharing and product reviews mean that online shoppers can instantly share opinions on the season’s newest products. The central shopping experience itself is highly personalized, the ‘Lulu recommends’ section hand picking products to match personal taste for what feels like a tailor made service.

Subtle branding – the lulu lips logo next to the ‘my bag’ icon and recognizable profile – ensure brand identity is obvious without being over the top, and beautifully photographed accessories and lifestyle imagery lend a luxurious feel.

Think the glamorous yet discerning shop assistant as opposed to the pushy shop girl hankering for sales: Lulu Guinness is grown-up luxury with a smile and the new website embodies the charm and humor that makes the brand unique.

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