DALLAS, Jun 9, 2013/ — There is a new movement in dressing and it’s called “Lean Closet”, a radical concept that encourages women to purposely buy fewer but better things and also donate an unwanted item in their wardrobe to charity.

Spearheaded by Cuyana, online women’s fashion destination founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, the “Lean Closet” movement inspires women to purposely buy less, clean out their closets, redistribute what they don’t need, and curate the perfect wardrobe featuring Cuyana’s beautiful, high‐quality finishing pieces.

“Our goal is to help women cultivate their closets over time, with modern, classic and well-made pieces, instead of constantly consuming and continuing to face the age-old dilemma of, ‘Why do I have nothing to wear?’ said co-founder Shilpa Shah.

“The ‘Lean Closet’ initiative is an idea that’s meant to revitalize retail. It’s our attempt to galvanize women to buy purposefully, buy well, and give back,” Shilpa Shah added.

As a brand and online fashion destination, Cuyana’s vision is to provide accessible high-end design with a focus on quality over quantity.

Cuyana does all design in-house to create full transparency in the production chain. By sourcing the finest materials from all over the world and working with skilled global craftsmen, Cuyana ensures that all of its products, from Peruvian alpaca scarves to Argentinean leather goods, are unique pieces that come from fair working conditions.

And as part of its “Lean Closet” movement, whenever a customer makes a purchase through Cuyana, she’ll also be encouraged to make a donation from her own wardrobe.

Cuyana will send its customers reusable bags to fill with unneeded items from their closets, which Cuyana’s nonprofit partners will then pick up and deliver to those in need—and every customer that donates will get credit towards her next Cuyana purchase.

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