Sonia by Sonia Rykiel PS14  (1)PARIS, Jun 20, 2013/ — Sonia Rykiel, a venerable name in Parisian fashion, a name synonymous with the Saint-Germaine look. Now here comes Sonia challenging the status quo, bending the Rykiel rules. Sonia makes her own rules and then thrusts them back to the world.

Impertinence comes naturally to Sonia. She is paradox personified; she demands color yet delights in exposing all the pastels to black.

Whether winning or wicked, modern or timeless, Sonia surprises. She proposes hand-made knits of reassuring naivety which are undercut by leather in pastel or that black that elsewhere bisects a deceptively demure shirt-dress, leaving only the sleeves in Oxford blue.

Meanwhile, bold stripes in multicolor emblazon a jumper-dress of crepe-de-chine that clings tantalizingly to the naked body. Now and then she’ll adorn herself with stolen kisses, hastily spilt down a long dress; she’s fond of all that’s graphic and unafraid to mix-up her prints, boldly tipping her cap to the Rykiel universe.

She’s feminine, even on the days where she feels a bit boyish. And she’s got a playful sense for proportion, equally partial to the very short and the over-long, always keen to buck the trend.

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