JEWELRY INFORMATION CENTER JUST JULESDALLAS, Jul 31, 2013/ — “The more things changes, the more it stays the same,” says an old adage. It was in 1477 when Mary of Burgundy became the first woman to receive a diamond engagement ring when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented her with a diamond betrothal ring.

The practice will take hold for 500 years, reaching the height of its popularity during the 20th century. Now, brides and grooms are going back the medieval practice of using colorful engagement rings and wedding bands and thus giving spice to today’s bridal jewelry.

With personalization becoming increasingly important to brides and grooms, colored diamonds and colored gemstones are quickly becoming a way for them to showcase their distinct personalities, thus the color trend.

With engagement rings, color can be used either as a center stone or as accent stones. Today’s hot colors include champagne, brown, pink, yellow, black and gray which are giving a modern yet timeless twist to engagement rings and wedding bands.

Using bold accents of color engages couples who have a distinct style and want a ring that is unlike that of their other family and friends but still want to have a white diamond center stone. Fashionable engagement ring styles include those with unique patterns of colored diamonds.

Engagement rings with colored diamond or gemstone center stones are also popular. One popular style is the “halo” setting which has a center stone surrounded by a ring of white diamonds. The halo design is highly thought of because it makes the engagement ring look larger than other settings.

In addition to engagement rings, colorful wedding bands are being embraced by both men and women. Men and women want a wedding band that speaks to their individuality. Black diamonds are especially hot in men’s rings as they are chic yet masculine.

Pairing colored gemstone or diamond wedding bands with a white diamond engagement ring is a great option for the woman who loves color but wanted a traditional diamond engagement ring.

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