Alberto Guardiani Launches Seattle, a Capsule Collection Expressing New Generation VintageMILAN, Nov 6, 2013/ — Alberto Guardiani launches SEATTLE , a successful new capsule range of sneakers and shoes, directed towards a younger generation of consumers with an eye for artisanal yet innovative Made in Italy.

The key aspects of Alberto Guardiani’s philosophy can be summarized as tradition, innovation, and internationalization. In every collection, each shoe confirms this strong DNA.

The artisan’s craftsmanship, attention to detail, and constant innovation ensure high quality and reliability in a style that is dynamic and always more contemporary.

Using these principles the company has recently launched the Seattle capsule collection in its e-store and its mono-brand stores. This range of footwear includes lace-ups, boots, and sneakers, showing a powerfully expressive force in proposals for both men and for women.

This collection is designed for a public that is primarily young, for a new generation that views vintage as a contemporary renewal of history and tradition.

The careful selection of materials and the methods of treating the leathers are key features of this capsule collection. A mix of methods is combined in calfskin leather or in brushed and reversed suede buffalo leather, which is used on the lace-up for women and on the boot for men. Also, the shoe undergoes a special washing process that creates cracks in the leather.

Another innovative artisanal experiment regards the natural colours of the sneakers that are made with the collaboration of designer Andrea Bra. Each is individually garment-dyed by hand and then is studded with small flat-head studs. A special colouring technique confers various colour tonalities in the upper, in the super-light sole, in the studs, and in the leather laces.

This mini collection will also be included in the next Spring/Summer 2014 season, with iridescent and metallic colours airbrushed directly onto the shoes, with the application of additional studs and metal rings; deconstructed leather soles appear on men’s shoes, while women’s sneakers have an internal platform.

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