NEW YORK, Jun 8, 2010 / FW/ — A trio of designers, new graduates of the Pratt Institute, Jeff Dodd, David Krause, and Nina Zilka decided that their class year will be their label, hence “twentyten” was born.

As students at Pratt Institute, twentyten designers Jeff, David, and Nina were drawn together by their common fascination of the beautiful yet absurd.

Since the launch of their first collection in 2008, executed while the young designers were still in their third year at Pratt, the twentyten has gained recognition for their uncanny ability to translate abstract concepts and forms into chic, modern silhouettes.

“We are generally influenced by architecture and often by bugs and various skeletons, things found in nature that is slightly creepy and architectural. As artists we always want to do something that makes people slightly uncomfortable; as designers we must translate this into an attainable, wearable idea,” says the trio.

For Fall Winter 2010, the twentyten presented a cohesive collection of sixteen looks, eleven women’s and five men’s. Experimenting with texture, print, and sparse splashes of color in a predominately black collection, this season is inspired by military influences juxtaposed with draped elements, mixing a laid-back vintage vibe with a strong futuristic voice.

Standout pieces include a voluminous black yarn covered tunic, men’s and women’s “armored” jackets, and optically intriguing hand-painted tees and button-ups. The twentyten retails between US$200 and $700.

The twentyten has been featured in publications including WWD, worn by figures including Peaches Geldof, Sofia Lamar, Britney Spears, and Keri Hilson, and is currently sold at Eva NYC, Blank Boutique, and Convent in New York.

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