DOMAINNAMESALES.COM FASHION.COMDALLAS, Nov 14, 2013/ — If you’re wondering why there is no website under the domain name, “”, you have the answer now – someone bought it a long time ago as an investment. And now, domain name brokers and is selling it!

And what is dubbed to be an industry game changer, the Grand Cayman-based domain name brokers are conducting a private sales process for what is arguably one of the world’s most valuable domain names,

To everyone who has some basic knowledge on the workings of the internet, the intrinsic value of a domain name like does not need any explanation. Hence, it is not a question of whether it will sell because it definitely will. The question is, among the big name players in the fashion industry, wherein almost all of them are household names, will get it.

That there will be a bidding war is a given. Hence, the next question is, how much will go for?

Bidding is now in progress. If you want additional information or to make a confidential offer please go to or call +1-508-689-9569, ext 201.

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