Assk F1404PARIS, Apr 15, 2014/ — From books to movies, pop culture has a certain fascination with the post-apocalyptic world and many fashion designers have been inspired by this current zeitgeist.

Agatha Kowalewski and Sarah Schofield, designers for ASSK have joined that club. But, they did it with a twist. Calling the survivors as “Preppers”, the collection explores the reaction of the average person who was taken completely unawares.

And yet, the survivors found the apocalypse a bit of a disappointment as they aimlessly roamed around Middle America scavenging for prescription drugs and out of date junk food while they wait for nothing!

The garments are unisex and values wearability and functionality. Metallic carabiners are used as clasps on miniskirts. Heavy duty webbing is used to tie up sleeves and ultra oversize puffer bombers are slashed with embroidery.

Photos courtesy of ASSK


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