ARTofShaving_0119  ARTofShaving_0133A shaving set inspired by New York City’s iconic Lexington Avenue, The Art of Shaving’s “The Lexington Collection” main attribute is its streamlined look to mirror its namesake.

Streamlined in form, yet precise in function, The Lexington Collection™ razor features a FLEXBALL™ technology that responds to facial contours. This technology is the first of its kind, allowing the razor to pivot in multiple directions for maximum contact, helping to shave off-the-grid reaching those unwanted hairs.

Like the non-conforming attitude of Lexington Avenue, the Lexington Collection™ razor blends the streamlined, rounded handle with the FLEXBALL™ technology, featuring chrome accents and an anodized black aluminum finish, sure to become the central part of the gentleman’s shaving ritual.

Speaking of being a non-conformist and just for trivia buffs: By design, Lexington Avenue is one of the few streets that does not conform to Manhattan’s original grid plan. Built in 1832, it began cutting through Manhattan’s East Side becoming one of the City’s central arteries.

Hence, naming its latest offering as “The Lexington Collection”, The Art of Shaving chose a very apt name.

The Art of Shaving and New York City have always been intertwined as the first stores flourished on the concrete streets, with the first store opening on Lexington Avenues Upper East Side this collection will be the core of the brands instruments.

The Lexington Collection™ is the second of The Art of Shaving’s Heritage Collection to pay homage to New York City.

Available at The Art of Shaving boutiques and online at

The Lexington Collection Razor $125

The Lexington Collection Stand $100

The Lexington Collection Black Pure Badger Brush $55

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