d-antidote S15 (1)DALLAS, Aug 21, 2014/ — The brainchild of Korean-born, Central Saint Martins-trained Hwan Sung Park, D-ANTIDOTE has broken into the very competitive menswear market fast and furious.

Launched in March 2014, the newborn label is already being sold at several boutiques in Seoul – Kud, Flor, Outlab and Artico Milano.

D-ANTIDOTE also has a very healthy online presence as it is carried in at least 5 e-commerce channels – Knocking On (www.knockingon.me); Bund (www.bund.co.kr) ; W Concept Korea (www.wconcept.co.kr) ; Hiphoper (www.hiphoper.com) and 1st Look (www.1stlook.co.kr)

With a design philosophy based on the trinity – Modern, Classic and Sensible; D-ANTIDOTE adopts a pragmatic line in design as it pursues modernism while also sees intrinsic value of the classic.

Hwan Sung Park is not afraid to experiment. He always pushes the boundaries. After all, he was trained at the A.Hallucination, Burbeery, Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen ateliers when he was studying and living in London.

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