Kris Van Assche and Dirk Schönberger
Kris Van Assche and Dirk Schönberger

On Wednesday, 24 June 2015, adidas unveiled the third release of the Ultra BOOST Collective designed by Kris Van Assche. T

Together with Dirk Schönberger, Creative Director of adidas´Sport Style Divisons, Kris Van Assche hosted the launch event at the adidas icon store No42 at 42 Rue de Sévigné.

With the Ultra BOOST Collective by Kris Van Assche, the designer tempers the shoe’s “performance” workings with a symbol of the sartorial tailoring he is known for: the classically refined Argyle pattern.

adidas Ultra BOOST Collective by Kris Van Assche (13)Utilizing and toying with these codes, Ultra BOOST by Kris Van Assche combines the light, weightless modernity of the shoe with the deep sense of bespoke history associated with the diamond pattern.

Even more playful: when offered in prime-knit, the shoe’s Argyle upper resembles that of a futuristic sock–an accessory, often offered in Argyle repeats. Two variations have been developed for this collective: the classic navy blue/red/grey Argyle that is paired with a red outsole; and the sportier black/grey/white Argyle coupled with a green outsole.

The concept–known as the Ultra BOOST Collective–features contributions from leading collaborative partners in the fashion industry including: Stella McCartney; the designer behind the celebrated Japanese collection kolor, Junichi Abe and the two adidas in-house creative directors: Dirk Schönberger, Creative Director of adidas’ Sport Style Division and James Carnes, Creative Director of adidas’ Sport Performance teams.

Both styles will be available at select adidas retailers globally from 25th of June- Retail price for both styles is $295.

Photos by Shehan Hanwellage, courtesy of adidas

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