Zang Toi S16 (1)A beautiful statement in white, the Zang Toi Spring 2016 collection gives a nod to the “white is the new black” trend as the New York-based designer proposed all white ensembles for the season.

Inspired by the breathtaking island of Santorini, Zang Toi created elegant silhouettes that echo the white architecture on the Greek isle and the surrounding blue green waters of the Aegean Sea.

“I was dreaming of a glamorous spring soiree in a gorgeous white home overlooking the Aegean Sea when I was designing the collection,” Zang Toi confessed when we caught up with him after his show.

A bold yet minimalistic statement, Zang Toi exercised restrained exuberance in this collection wherein there were four colors – white, black, green and blue.

It was a daring move! With only four colors to play with, the collection could have turned flat and boring. But as always, Zang has his A-game on and did not disappoint. Spring/Summer 2016 is a quintessential Zang Toi collection.

The genius of the collection lies in the subtlety of the presentation. With subdued colors, the details and craftsmanship shone through. The cut and tailoring are flawless. Once again, Zang proved why he dominates the made-to-measure arena in the very competitive New York fashion scene.

Everything is lovely and it is really hard to choose a favorite. So, we asked the designer. Zang, who was also having a hard time deciding thought about it for some time. Finally he said, “If I have to pick one, it would be the opening look of the tailored trouser suit paired with the Statement Crystal Necklace and wide brim hat, which captured the mood of “Splendor of Santorini “.”

Photos courtesy of Zang Toi

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