Jayngodfrey fall 2016Season after season, Jay Godfrey had gone from strength to strength and Fall 2106 finds Jay Godfrey soaring in his artistic pursuit of fashion.

Presenting a very feminine and sophisticated collection at Clarkson Square, Jay Godrey dressed the ladies as if they are getting ready to be painted. Yes, painted, not photographed.

There is romantic quality in this very modern collection. Again, it is very feminine. And yes, these women are from the 21st century, which means they do not shy away from challenges. They are CEOs in multinational and tech companies. They might even hold th highest office in their country.

Still underneath that strength is their romantic side which though not hidden, it is on the side and can be seen easily if someone looks just a little closer.

That is the Jay Godfrey woman – strong without being overbearing, romantic but not S damsel in distress.

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