Lucio Castro F16 (2)“The Fall Winter 2016 LUCIO CASTRO collection is inspired by photos of traveling communities in the UK in the mid1990’s. These communities lived and moved around in old buses that they had transformed into their homes and their creative spaces. From this starting point, we created clashing patterns, oversized silhouettes, and a sense of lazy comfort, always picturing the wearer at a midnight concert in Stonehenge,” wrote designer Lucio Castro in his press notes.

With a title like “The Stonehenge Collection,” it is to imaging for it to be pre-historic or even paranormal if we buy into the new X-Files.

Don’t fear! What Lucio Castro sent on the runway is neither pre-historic nor paranormal. What we he proposes for Fall 2016 are easy-to-wear, loose-fitting clothes that reminds you more of rock & roll and David Bowie than Mulder and Scully.

From the 1940’s raw canvas acid trip green suit to the burgundy paisley-dot shirt paired with Caramel chinos, there is a bit of anti-establishment vibe going on.

It is expected though. After all, the inspiration of the collection is the turn of the millennium gypsies who go around in refurbished buses. And you know what? It looks like what they are wearing are fun!

Photos courtesy of Lucio Castro

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