Let’s point out the obvious that Marissa Webb left Banana Republic late last year (October 2015) to be exact — but since her departure, she has truly gained so much more for her self named brand.
Now we’ve got that out of the way, you might be wondering — WHY does she hold the golden ticket with this collection? Aside from the fact that she had some marigold numbers in her collection that completely stole our heart — Marissa Webb’s designs spoke versatility a.k.a runway to REAL WAY. 

Now let’s talk stand out pieces:

The grid monster:

Ankle length waist coat paired with a longer skirt with a black long sleeves t-shirt for fall. Easily transitioned to summer — (You’ll see what we mean in the pictures below) perfect paired with a flowy floral dress.

The shape shifter:

Can we just imagine how many great pieces would look flattering under this coat?! This piece is a must have for all year round.

 Flower puff girls:

Two different looks but take a look at how the first dress can easily work for Spring/Summer & the second is transitioned into the perfect fall ensemble!  

The Golden Girls:
Really — not explanation needed, but for the sake of this review; Not only is this one of the colors of the fall season but reimagine these with added on coats, hats rights and the whole she-bang for the colder season.

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