dennis basso F19Inspiring Golden hues, luxurious pinks, captivating purples, and zen earthy tones ensures that the wearer of Dennis Basso’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection will be anything but drab in gloomy weather winter. Staples of the collection, fur and leopard print were seen trimming jackets, topping hats, and making up entire garments, while understated florals were imagined in sequins, prints, beading, and appliques. Even in the most laid back looks, an elevated feel was presented with the addition of a sleek up-do and heeled boots or shoes. The leopard print coat with the matching heeled boots, and the white fur jacket with the wide zippered sleeves paired with black pants and a matching hat.

When Dennis Basso started to conceive Fall 2019 collection, he dreamed up an image of a powerful, independent woman. The designer pictured her going from “the boardroom to the ballroom.” He saw her as someone hungry, determined, but also unapologetically glamorous. The resulting garments ticked all of the boxes that a real-life power lady might have on her wardrobe wish list. Modern silhouettes, unique fabrication and flair. 


Images:Thomas Barnes



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