suitsIt’s a fashion rule that every man should have at least one high quality, well-fitting suit in his closet. A suit which is versatile enough to wear for any special occasion, whether you’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding or have a big meeting at work, is a must-have for any guy. If you’re thinking of investing some money in a high-quality suit that you’re hoping will last you a long time, why not make sure that it’s a perfect fit for you by going for a bespoke, custom suit? We’ve listed some of the main reasons why choosing a custom made suit is a great idea.

True to Your Style

If you’ve ever walked into a retail store and tried on a suit that you liked, but would change in a few places in order to make it perfect, you might want to design a bespoke suit with Lanieri. When you purchase a custom suit, you really can have things exactly your way. Whether it’s the cut, fabric, pattern, color, or the number of buttons or size of the pockets, a bespoke suit is unique and designed with only one person in mind: you.

Perfect Fit

One of the main reasons why so many men are attracted to tailored, rather than ‘off the rack’ suits is that they are ideal for a perfect fit. Whilst the suits that you will find in retail stores, however expensive, will always be designed to fit people with a range of different body types and shapes, a custom suit is made to your exact measurements and therefore will fit you better than any other suit you’ve ever worn.

Good Quality

Many tailors and designers who offer custom-made or bespoke suits are of the high-quality, expensive variety. When you invest your money into a tailored suit, you can be sure that you are making a purchase which is worthwhile and wisely spending your money on something that is likely to last you for years. Often, tailors who offer bespoke suits will also provide alterations if necessary in the future, to ensure that your suit remains a perfect fit for as long as you need it.


Not only does opting for a custom suit mean that you’re fully in charge of the kind of style that it’s going to be, it also means that you can put your own personal stamp on it, too. Whether you want a specific color combination that you haven’t been able to find somewhere else or are hoping to get a suit that stands out and gets noticed, opting for a bespoke suit is ideal. When you choose a custom made suit, you can be sure that nobody else in the world has the exact same one.

If you are considering investing in a good quality suit to wear for special occasions and events, there are plenty of reasons why a custom suit is a good idea. Bespoke suits are not only made to be the perfect fit, they’re also unique and made with the wearer in mind.

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