For Spring/Summer 2018, Franco Lacosta has partnered with Platinum Poire to unveil his “Love is Genderless” collection at Barney’s Downtown during New York Fashion Week.

“My inspiration for this collection was this picture I took in Ibiza which I called love tribe parade. It was magical, surprising, universal and unique,” the designer said in his press notes.

In reaction to the political climate and recent world events, the Franco Lacosta Spring/Summer 2018 collection was inspired by the outpouring of love that came as people unified and stood up against hatred. Amazed by the empathy and love these people had, Lacosta decided to use the theme of love for his collection.

β€œThe one thing we have control over is how and who we love,” said Franco Lacosta. “This genderless collection is meant to inspire and unify.”

Photos courtesy of Franco Lacosta

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