PARIS MEN’S WEEK / — Paralleling its views on the current societal state and the millennial generation, with the demeanor of the world in 1968 and the era of baby boomers, 3.PARADIS’ Fall / Winter 2018 collection entitled ‘Each One, Teach One’ is an open reflection on the powerful voice and movement of a generation.

Layered with references and symbols, 3.PARADIS’ collection is a poetic marriage of fabrics, finishes, shapes and details and heavily influenced by the 1968 youth counter culture and revolutionary ideas of the past and the present.

It focuses on topics which transcend the notion of time – violence, oppression, freedom, power, unity, peace, love.

‘Each One, Teach One’ is not only an examination of the similarities between one era to another, but more so a prediction of the upcoming uprising of the millennial generation; a present day revolution.

“As it was before, so it shall be again”

For the lookbook, we decided to make a parallel with the work of Irving Penn, a very popular photographer during 1968, Irving Penn. The goal is to display our new collection as a metaphor of us Millennials being being in charge of the world of tomorrow as baby boomers did.

We highlighted this by revisiting the series of corner photography by Irving Penn and re-interpreting them through the lens of photographer Fabien Montique, a millennial kid. By limiting the space with two corner-assembled wood panels, we created a refuge for our models.

With this lookbook, we are recreating our own classic, being a voice of the new generation.

Journeying back to our roots, 3.PARADIS aims to inspire youth and the upcoming creatives similarly to how we have been inspired by the older generation.

Photography by Fabien Montique
Styling by Vanille Verloës

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