PARIS MEN’S WEEK/ — For this AW18 collection, Boris Bidjan Saberi pulls his inspirations from hostile environments, winter soldiers and primitive tribes creating a new aesthetic with huge volumes, heavy-duty hand knitted wools, hand dyed down overall pieces turning into chest protectors, blanket-suits, tent-coats and skirts.

Architectural and artistic, Saberi’s artisanal know-how allows him to shape and mold miscellaneous fabrics into contemporary collections inspired by two worlds; his imagination looking at shamanistic worlds and fuse them with military factions, both adapted perfectly for the coldest climate on Earth.

A swathing of hand knitted pieces, layers of armors, extra-long jumpers whose sleeves suddenly ap-pear under the resistant tent-coats, show the fusion between those two worlds, the military and the primal.
Survival blankets, tents and sleeping bags transformed into ancient mystic forms.

Sleeveless leather armors, handcrafted stitched pants, camel and horse skin jackets, all vegetable hand dyed, remain the emblems of this couture house. They bear the seal of the designer’s masterpieces in the collection, highlighting every silhouette. They are the bases of Saberi’s pagan AW18 collection.

The vegetal color palette goes from murex purple to snow-white, ice grey to mud grey, reflecting a mixture of arctic snow, volcanic sand and ancestral roots becoming under the precise eye of the designer representations of their relationship with various god’s of nature reminiscent of the four elements.

Presenting Boris Bidjan Saberi & Salomon debut limited-edition snowboards: Crafted with high-end materials for an outstanding technical performance, the Boris Bidjan Saberi x Salomon freestyle snowboards have been embellished with special treated fabric, similar to the iconic Boris Bidjan Saberi P13 trousers. After being dyed and vinyl-finished, the cotton twill is pressed onto the Salomon snowboard.

They will be available in black and white color.

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