PARIS MEN’S WEEK/ — With the Spiral as a symbol of change and evolution, Masanori Morikawa, the designer behind the CHRISTIAN DADA label created a collection that embodies the notion of things moving forward and transforming into something new. Models walked a spiral runway to the beat of live drums.

While David Lynch’s oeuvre’s influence is unmistakable with the graphic motifs highlighted in the collection – rose motif from the movie Blue Velvet embroidered on satin souvenir jackets and jacquard-knitted on the front of sweaters–, Morikawa continues to stay true to his design ethos of blending Eastern and Western design elements: tailored jackets and overcoats cut with kimono-inspired collars, a chic Eastern ethnic gesture to the otherwise Western silhouettes.

Unveiling at the show also are brand collaborations with Italian sportswear brand KAPPA and American workwear company DICKIES. The mirrored Kappa logo as seen on tracksuits and bomber jacket sleeves, is symbolic of the Yin and Yang philosophy.

The iconic silhouette of Dickies’ twill pants is reworked into larger high-waisted versions, with some off-centred construction details, summing up the beautifully intriguing and dark elegance of the Christian Dada Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.

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