Even before I saw the press notes, my gut reaction when the first model came out with gooey stuff all over his face and hair was that it was like a cartoon character was turned into a human on the runway.

As it came to pass, Landlord’s creative director Ryohei Kawanishi collaborated with Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. For Spring 2019, Kawanishi designed an exclusive five-piece capsule collection featuring characters from the popular TV program seen in looks 3, 6, 23 and 24.

Still, that’s just one aspect of the Landlord runway show that was held at the Cadillac House on July 9th. A leading-edge Millennial, Kawanishi took “a nostalgic look at his youth as the first generation to grow up with the internet” and presented a collection that was “inspired by the surf and skateboard subculture of that era from the perspective of someone who neither surfs nor skates.”

With partnerships with Alpha Industries, Kosuke Tsumura, BLACKMEANS and Novesta this season, there was a mash up of ideas and silhouettes which surprisingly worked!

The press notes said that the collection is an homage to the kids who found virtual coolness through their home computers, a theme exemplified by the Bill Gates quote: “Be nice to nerds.”

But, to me, it was the 1990s redux with lots of twists. The ubiquitous members only jacket now have a utilitarian feel, thanks to all the pockets. The photographers vest is now color blocked. And the fanny pack is back! It’s streetwear with a military feel.

Founded in 2015, it is good to remember that this is only Landlord’s 6th season. In a span of 3 years, and perhaps even from the very beginning, designer and founder Ryohei Kawanishi had the Landlord’s DNA mapped out. Teaming up with a U.S. military-contracted factory owner to start a streetwear/fashion brand, rooted in utilitarian style, the path was clear. And for Spring 2019, Landlord has stayed true to its roots.

The next question – how many stockists will Kawanishi add to the list once this collection becomes available to market?

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