Today in Paris, Chanel charmed an audience full of guests at its Mediterranean villa—an exquisite set housed inside its mainstay fashion week location, the Grand Palais, that evoked 18th-century design. This period, known as designer Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite, was referenced in the way foliage lined the body of water, in the way French savoir-faire jumped from garments, and in the way the Spring/Summer 2019 collection moved on the runway.

Sweet hues of blush pink and prairie green was mixed between iridescent gold and silver, and special embroidered and painted fabric joined others made up of lace, feathers, resin, and even ceramic. Tall, royal hair was often adorned with feathers or flowers, and down below, two main silhouettes guided the collection—long and slender, and full and flowy.

ChanelChanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2019.


Images Courtesy Of: Chanel

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