Guy Laroche Fall 2019
Guy Laroche Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Touted as a collection that pays homage to Guy Laroche, the “Black Marble” collection is as much a play on words as it is an aesthetic gesture.

The press notes specifically said Winter 2020 and with its title, this Guy Laroche collection is all black with white as a mere embellishment to the fabric to evoke marble. Again, the reference to marble was also a play on word – the cutting and carving, a vocabulary adopted in Couture.

The stone itself, conjured by trompe-l’oeil on double-faced crêpe, flowing through draped jersey, or intimated on diaphanous chiffon, with gleaming veins chased in rhinestone embroidery.

Neoprene beveled to a sharp edge and seamlessly joined. Sculptural bags as if carved from polished marble. Legs enveloped in marbled viscose knit, seemingly petrified. Lapidary eye shields mounted on a black lacquer frame, like portholes onto the unseen.

Once again, a beautiful collection that showcases the maison’s DNA. Better yet, it’s also a collection that is destined to find their way in women’s wardrobes this coming fall.

Photos courtesy of Guy Laroche

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