Outside under a drizzle of rain, Marine Serre’s latest collection “Marée Noir” pulled on the strings of post-apocalyptic imagination. Mental and actual wars with climate change, mass extinction, and evolution were translated in an array of garments and accessories.

Models of all ages and ethnicities took to the runway to show their past experiences—how they may be different, but are all linked in the old regime. Now out of hide-outs, they are confident but transformed. Uniforms, leather embossed pants, oily raincoats, and silk scarf dresses take us on a deep dive into the rebellion of the radical new world.

Men that have seemingly darted from their homes are seen without trousers, but with a water bottle and a flashlight; women cover their faces with a sheer dress that can be pulled over their heads; nano backpacks are affixed to the bicep; and small swimming goggles are easy to access thanks to sunglass chains, worn around the neck. In this new community, generations, species, and genders are transforming, and they’re transforming fast.

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