Flor et.al‘s new Spring 2020 collection is inspired by Elizabeth Sidall, a poet, artist and trail blazer of the Pre-Raphaelite era.

The Pre-Raphaelite movement came during the industrial revolution in which synthetic pigments and paint tubes were created allowing artists to capture the details of nature outside. The Spring collection is inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds us. The brand collaborated with artists in France and Italy and vintage archives in the UK to create floral prints that incorporate the vibrant colors of that era. The collection includes certified silk fabrics that are ethically and environmentally responsible as well as naturally dyed recycled fibers.


The brand debuted in stores in May with the Pre-Fall delivery. It’s designed by a team of international designers who find inspiration in their personal backgrounds and cultures – Sweden, Mexico & Lebanon. The collection’s name, derived from the words “Flor,” Spanish for flower and “et al,” the abbreviation of the Latin word et alila which means “and others,” is an acknowledgment that our beauty is the consequence to all that flourishes around us. Based on this foundation, flor et. al seeks to give women an unconventional, feminine, fun alternative to traditional evening-wear. They also look to empower women and have partnered with the non-profit NEST which connects artisans across the globe with brands. The brand uses fabrics that are ethically responsible including recycled fibers.



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