Poetic, amorous, and unforgettable are words one might use to describe Loewe’s new collection.

Employing the use of generous folds of fabric, semi-sheer lace, and unique takes on classic details, the designs were imagined in a palette of black, white, and earth tones like beige, forest green, midnight blue, and soft yellow.

Sculptural skirts extended away from the body, reminiscent of bustles and undergarments of centuries gone by; collars were reinvented in the form of large neck ruffles and pilgrim-style embellishments in opposing colors. Sheer all-over garments—like an ethereal cut-out dress in white, or a black top and pants with tiny pearl details—were a staple, styled with multiple layers or worn with nothing underneath. Standout looks included a black dress with the drawstring hem and enormous, billowing sleeves; a long sleeve wrap-around dresses in floral or stripes; and a flowing white dress with bell sleeves, reminding us of a 1980s christening gown.

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