“Pivot” is the name Virgil Abloh gave to Off-White™’s Pre-Fall 2020. A term that indicates a slow rotational movement and, figuratively speaking, a change of plan or strategy. That said, anyone who looks at the images of the collection recently disseminated by the designer will notice why the collection has such a name. Slowed the branding to the outrage, disciplined the silhouettes that from wide and sporty become narrow and sharp, narrow the color palette, the “Pivot” collection represents a new Off-White™.

“Off-White™ isn’t the new kid on the block anymore… I was interested in fast-forwarding the menswear, and adding in leather and a slimmer silhouette. It has been quite liberating to explore a different guy and to pivot the brand. I am entering a new phase.” – Virgil Abloh

Leather trousers are definitely the keystone of the collection. Elegant, sleek, aggressive. The pair created for this Pre-Fall 2020 descends down the leg splitting on the ankle and coming to touch the floor with its hems. There’s been an evolution also on the footwear side: fewer mesh sneakers and more leather shoes with thick soles, reminiscent of the combat boot and platform shoe, flanked by real hiking boots.

The graphics are smaller, the cross arrows are reduced and transformed into metal items such as buckles, bracelets and pendants. The “Pivot” print appears printed on the trousers along with the number “’99”, a reference to the young man of the designer who, at that time, was 19 years old, and the surname Abloh embroidered on the varsity jacket. The sporting inspirations also appear reduced, reworked in the form of tight varsity jacket and t-shirts, along with the garments that more closely recall the previous streetwear style, such as printed sweatshirts and t-shirts, patchwork jeans and decorated knitwear.

What Abloh has created for his “Pivot” collection is a more adult and elegant Off-White™ who has abandoned logomania and entered into dialogue with the latest sartorial trend. No official release date or pricing list has been announced.


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