In his most recent appearances, his style has come to full maturity. After Saturday Night Live’s tour de force, in which we saw three outfits in one night, Styles was spotted in New York in a Lanvin waistcoat reminiscent of one of Lady D’s iconic sweaters and pink boots, while in another occasion he wore oversized jeans , a monogrammed coat from Gucci, Vans and a denim cap. Most recently he appeared on the cover of Guardian Weekend, dressed once again in a bespoke suit by Harris Reed. His style blends Mick Jagger’s vaguely androgynous irreverence with Elton John’s joyous freedom of expression. Not surprisingly, his wardrobe seems to combine all the musical subcultures of the 20th and 1970s and, in the words of Michael Kors, “Harry is the modern embodiment of British rocker style: edgy, flamboyant and worn with unapologetic swagger.”

Author Lorenzo Salamone Via NSS