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The Emporio Armani woman is strong-willed, eclectic and bold in her decisions. With little regard for mundane rules, she is a young woman that bewilders and astonishes. Playing with fashion and writing her own rules, she tells it like it really is.

Hanging in the balance between masculine and feminine, this season she takes her choices to the extreme, allowing to express herself in a no-hold-barred, instinctive, irony-filled way.

She dresses like a dandy, with long and flowing jackets, small high-buttoned blazers and fluid, wide-legged trousers.

And she can never say no to a white shirt with a cravat or jabot around the neck. She breaks the masculine austerity of checks and macro houndstooth with touches of lace and draped velvet.

Or she turns hyper-feminine with a multitude of tiny ruffles, knit boas, short dresses and cloaks reminiscent of the couture lexicon. Gleefully, she reveals her legs in a pair of shorts.

The interplay of contrasts is a story of shapes, materials and colours: graphic black and white leaves space to three different shades of green –jade, forest and shamrock– while thick, masculine wools give way to the gleam of silk and crystals.

Velvet is a recurring theme even in the accessories: pointed-toe flats, crystal-covered sandals, small bucket bags and clutches.

–From the Press Notes

Photos courtesy of Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Fall 2020
Emporio Armani Fall 2020

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