Shot in January,  in the Milanese villa in via Melzi d’Eril 30,  once the location of the brand’s fashion shows,  Miu Miu Automne 2020 Here Comes The Night campaign portrays the inner universe of Miu Miu girls.

In front of Douglas Irvine’s lens,  Malaika Holmen,   Esme Creed-Miles, Kasper Kapica,  Ez, Tang He,  Tomiwa Adeshina and Patrycja Piekarska play the role of modern romantic heroines, revealing the charm of young women choosing who they want to be. They are dreamy rebels who recall the nineteenth-century mood of the leading characters in women’s novels. They love a delicate elegance made of sparkling floral decorations, pearl or macramé lace embroidery, black velvet, tartan and crystals.

They wear long boho dresses and coats with sheepskin profiles from which vintage allure white collars, sequined shirts and pleated houndstooth wool aprons, patchwork dresses and tartan skirts. Country, hippy, romantic, sparkling. The Miu Miu girls have hundreds of beautiful shades.

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