Over the last few years, the automotive industry has embraced a trend that has prompted several brands to make their historical logos two-dimensional, simplifying their graphics and making them more suitable for digital communication. The first was Mini.  In 2020 the phenomenon also involved BMW, Nissan and Toyota.

In the wake of this make-over,  the latest was Rolls Royce,  an undisputed symbol of Old Luxury,  which in recent times has embarked on a very specific journey to modernize its image,  to open up to a younger market and transform itself into a leading company in the world of New Luxury.

To imagine its new identity,  Rolls Royce has turned itself to Pentagram design studio, which has worked on the history and philosophy of the brand’s design and has reworked some of its most important symbols, from the famous sculptural statuette to the double “R” badge. The first changes will be available starting as early as September this year.

The make-over started with Rolls Royce’s most important and famous symbol: the Spirit of Ecstasy,  the sculptural statuette that has adorned the grille of its cars since 1911.

The new logo, designed by illustrator Chris Mitchell (based on the original project by British artist Charles Sykes),  has thus taken softer,  minimal, two-dimensional shapes,  ready to enter the digital world.  But above all it has changed direction: its gaze is no longer turned to the left, but to the right, symbolizing the new direction towards the future taken by the brand.

In addition to the iconic statuette, the “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars” brand has also been replaced by a new art-deco inspired graphic, while purple has been chosen as the backdrop for the brand’s new identity: a very rare colour in nature, historically associated with wealth and noble power, which well represents the new direction taken by the brand. The new symbolic shade is called Purple Spirit and is deep,  majestic, flanked in the communication materials by an elegant metallic pink.

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