A naked body lying on an operating table is the starting point around which the journeys to discover new worlds of a group of mystical figures revolve. With the help of symbolic objects, two cryptic individuals navigate between parallel existences, in an astral projection that becomes a hopeful leap into the unknown.

It is Amor Fati, the dystopian short film with which Marine Serre presented the SS21 collection during this PFW.

Made in collaboration with directors Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubigo and composer Pierre Rousseau, the film stars Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza and French artist Juliet Merie, Marine’s friend and collaborator, and is inspired by Nietzsche‘s concept of Amor Fati, which invites us to embrace reality with its share of chaos and horrors to overcome it.

The title, Amor Fati, is an invitation to actively embrace all of life’s pleasures and adversities without judgement. – says the designer – The urgent need for change and adaptation is explored through the cyclical visual narrative of the film, where the characters seamlessly mutate as they move through three symbolic environments – a laboratory, a natural landscape and an underground water-world – each charged with layered narratives and accumulative emotions. Two chameleonic figures transition through these different worlds as their garments and appearances adapt to the situations they encounter. There are three associated ‘clans’: close-knit groups of people who both shape and support the central characters’ journey, as keepers of their fate.” – Marine Serre

Serre’s collections proved to be almost an omen of the strange period we are living in, among political, social, health and environmental crises.

Even SS21 dresses the contemporary with a futuristic twist, made of a series of functional pieces made of biodegradable nylon, second-skin bodysuits with the signature crescent moon, cargo jackets and pants and a new proposal of tailored items such as single-breasted suits in jacquard fabric.

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