French fashion house Patou debuted its “Act 2” Spring/Summer 2021 collection with a behind-the-scenes style video narrated by Viviane Blassel.  Models floated around a sunny room in designs that updated idyllic styles of dress with ballooned proportions and playful details.

Imagined in a sweet but sophisticated palette of black, white, beige, gold, and pink, the designs entranced us with elements like hoops of feathers lining hems, giant satin bows adorning ruffled necks, capelets draped over shoulders, and fluffy tiers of puffed fabric.

Typical trousers and blouse pairings took on new volumes, including a series of pants in silk brocade with feathers falling just below the knees, worn with pieces like trapeze tops and loose painters’ blouses. Dress styles included garments like a long white cotton gown with a pilgrim collar and intricate neck pendant, a satiny dress with giant sleeves and a tie at the neck, and a calf-length A-line look in pink floral with embroidered details and sculptural, belled cuffs.

Each design was accompanied with accessories like bellboy caps with ruffled chin straps, woven basket handbags, gold statement earrings, and lace stockings worn with Mary Jane heels.

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